◎ Dataset of daily surface observation values in individual years (1981-2010) in China

The dataset is derived from nationwide digitalized CLIMAT files from various provincial meteorological bureaus through statistic compilations, based on the Climate Data Statistic Compilation Method (1981-2010) (distributed version). This dataset covers the data from basic, reference and ordinary surface meteorological stations in China in 1981-2010, and it includes the daily values of climate normals of such weather elements as pressure, temperature, precipitation amount and wind.

  • Name
  • Dataset of daily surface observation values in individual years (1981-2010) in China 
  • Keywords
  • China, climate, daily value, Surface, pressure, temperature, precipitation amount, wind 
  • Area Scope
  • National level surface observational stations 
  • Making time
  • 2012/8/28 
  • Begin Time
  • 1981/1/1 
  • End Time
  • 2010/12/31 
  • Frequency
  • every 10 years 
  • Share Level
  • Real-name Reg. Individual User access 
  • Quality
  • 1) The digitalized historic files have been re-checked in quality during the dedicated project on basic surface data, and those problematic and controversial station files have been rectified. 2) In this dataset, the data have not gone through any homogeneous corrections, only those stations with evident heterogeneous problems have been treated in relevant segments using the following method: if those stations relocated in 1981-2010 and the elevation heights above sea level of the old and new sites exceed 100 meters or the horizontal distance between old and new locations is beyond 50km, their records were excluded from statistics. 
  • DataSource
  • Digitalized CLIMAT files from national level reference, basic and ordinary climate stations in China. 
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