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Dear users, you are registering to become a full member of the China Meteorological Data Website (hereinafter referred to as the Website). For your lawful rights and interests and correct performance, in accordance with relevant provisions stipulated in the Meteorology Law of the People's Republic of China and the Measures on Meteorological Information and Service Management (Order of CMA No. 27), the National Meteorological Information Center (NMIC, hereinafter referred to as Party A) as a data provider admits you (hereinafter referred to as Party B) as a registered ordinary user of the Website, a relationship as agreed upon as follows:

Article 1: A registered ordinary user means an individual who has registered for and obtained the membership of the Website. The user shall fully accept all the provisions given in the agreement and complete the registration process to become a registered ordinary user of the Website.

Article 2:Party A delivers Party B with services of online data inquiry, retrieval and downloading of meteorological data and products listed in the ordinary user area on the Website.

Article 3: For the lawful rights and interests of Party B, Party A makes a statement that the data delivered by the Website involve but not limited to the following potential risks:

(1) The meteorological data delivered by the Website include observations from various meteorological observing systems and relevant products processed from them in China, and data obtained by Party A through international exchange on GTS;

(2) Party A performs the necessary processing of the above meteorological data, but does not guarantee that all the erroneous data that may exist are removed, and shall not be liable to party B for any loss caused by data usage.

Article 4:Party A shall effectively protect individual or organizational registration information provided by Party B. Except for the sake of the service benefit analysis and assessment by Party A, such information shall not be provided or disclosed to a third party without permission of Party B.

Article 5:Once becoming a member user of the Website, Party B enjoys the following rights within the membership period:

(1) browse, search, download and use the meteorological data and products delivered by the Website;

(2) submit orders on the Website and log on the server for data download;

(3) make a request for accessing needed data in other off-line ways (media copy, duplication etc.);

(4) allow users with pushing authorization to request for data in pushing manner;

(5) make feedback, consultation and advice to Party A when there are data quality problems and other issues;

(6) call for the right to protect individual and organizational registration information.

Article 6:Once becoming a member user of the Website, Party B shall comply with the following rules:

(1) Party B shall provide truthful and accurate registration information, which is timely updated when changed;

(2) Party B only enjoys limited, non-exclusive rights to use data obtained from the Website;

(3) Party B covenants not to transfer, in an either paid or unpaid fashion, meteorological data and products obtained from the member service area of the Website, and not to directly serve as part of databases, products and services for external use or distribution, without permission of Party A;

(4) Party B covenants not to provide meteorological data and products obtained from the member service area of the Website to foreign countries or relevant foreign organizations and individuals that it cooperates with, without authorization, and data leakage is strictly prohibited for the consideration of national security and interests;

(5) Party B covenants to indicate data sources in its resulting outcomes and send the outcome samples to Party A for archiving as requested by Party A;

(6) Party B covenants to accept Party A’s request and actively collaborate with it to conduct a Survey on User Requirements or a survey on resources, and has an obligation to provide Party A with meteorological and relevant data created and collected (Party B may retain ownership of the data and add restriction on use);

(7) Party B covenants and warrants to safely use the ID account (username) and password of the Website obtained from Party A and not to offer the rights of a registered user to others for use. If logging on the Website on a public computer or at a cyber cafe, Party B shall be careful when typing and displaying the password, and be sure to log it off safely. An immediate notice shall be given to Party A when it is found that your ID and password are lost or used by others;

(8) Party B covenants to deliver meteorological data collected from a self-built observation station, according to relevant national regulations;

(9) Party B covenants to comply with the provisions stipulated in the National Security Law of the People’s Republic of China、 the State Secrets Protection Law of the People's Republic of China、 the Meteorological Law of the People's Republic of Chinaand the Measures on Meteorological Information Service Management (Order of CMA No. 27);

(10) Party B covenants to comply with the national laws, regulations, rules and social conventions.

Article 7: In case Party B violates the provisions described in Article 5, the following rules are applicable:

(1) Party B shall alone undertake a corresponding legal liability for any legal consequences due to its violation of the Agreement;

(2) Party A has the right to disqualify the membership of Party B and terminate the Agreement;

(3) Party A has the right to affix a legal liability on Party B in an appropriate manner based on the seriousness of its violation.

Article 8:The rights to operate and manage the Website are left to Party A, who is in a position to revise, where necessary, the Agreement based on changes in relevant national laws and regulations, and issue a notification in an appropriate way. The revised article is binding on Party B.

Article 9: Either Party, who fails to fulfill the Agreement either partially or wholly or delays its fulfillment due to Force Majeure, shall timely notify the other Party, specifying the reasons with valid evidence.

Article 10:The Website dedicates itself to providing all the users with authoritative, convenient and easy meteorological data services. Clicking “agree” means you have carefully read and understood the provisions of the Agreement, and are bound by them. The Agreement is legally binding on Party B and the Website.


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