◎ Dataset of monthly values of climate data from Chinese stations for global exchange

This dataset is derived from nationwide digitalized CLIMAT files from various provincial meteorological bureaus through statistic compilations, according to the Nationwide Surface Climate Data (1961-1990) Statistic Method and the Surface Meteorological Observation Practice. This dataset provides monthly values of climate data from 194 basic and reference surface meteorological observation stations as well as AWS stations from 1951 to an updated year in China. This dataset includes monthly values of such elements as temperature, pressure, moisture pressure, relative humidity, precipitation, evaporation, wind and sunshine duration in individual years, and all files are in ASCII code.

  • Name
  • Dataset of monthly values of climate data from Chinese stations for global exchange 
  • Keywords
  • pressure, temperature, relative humidity, wind direction, wind speed, precipitation, sunshine duration 
  • Area Scope
  • Making time
  • 2008/4/26 0:00:00 
  • Begin Time
  • 1951/1/1 0:00:00 
  • End Time
  • 2010/5/31 0:00:00 
  • Frequency
  • 3-month lag 
  • Share Level
  • Ordinary reg. user access 
  • Quality
  • 1) More rigid quality controls and verifications have been made on the digitalized CLIMAT files for the China region. 2) Statistic outcomes of the published data items from 722 surface stations in China have gone through extreme value verifications and time consistency checks, and no data errors were detected.  
  • DataSource
  • Unknown 
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