How to become a member
How to become a member

I. Member Classification

The Website, which serves members by registration, is open to anonymous users and registered users, the latter of which falls into: ordinary registered users and real-name registered users. Among them:

Anonymous users (visitors):Without registration, a visitor can browse on the China Meteorological Data Service Center such information as meteorological real-time data, meteorological data visualized products and introduction to meteorological data and products.

Ordinary registered users:An application is submitted online for registration. Such users can browse, search and download the designated meteorological data and products.

II. Registration Information

The China Meteorological Data Service Website provides online registration and online review, without printed application materials. In favour of user management and service benefit analysis and assessment, and improvement of service quality, the real-name registered users shall offer truthful information on themselves and their organizations, and timely update the registration information when it changes. Meanwhile, we covenant that individual and organizational registration information provided by users shall be effectively protected and used only within the scope of service benefit analysis and assessment, and shall not be provided or disclosed to any third party without permission of users.

Detailed user registration information is as follows:


Ordinary registered users

Username (valid email)

User name






Domain classification


Work unit

Unit property

Mailing address


Contact number

Mobile phone


Document type


Identification Number


Document scanner


Purpose of use

Item number


entry name


Project nature


Project start time


Project completion time


project assignment paper


Project supplementary document


Unit name


Unit certificate type


Unit ID number


Legal representative ID card number


Legal representative ID card scanner




Information service providing methods and scope statement


Key technical personnel information


Record number


* ▲=Required


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