How to access data
How to access data

I. Way to access

The Website provides users with data services based on the Directory of Shared Basic Meteorological Data and Products newly released by CMA. The ways to serve are as follows:

1. interactive online search and download services to ordinary registered users and individual real-name registered users;

2. mobile APP for registered users, giving them an easy access to information on basic meteorological data and products.

3. for special demands, the user service and reception office provides off-line data processing and product tailoring services.

II. User Feedback

To improve service quality, the Website places a routine priority on collection, handling of and response to comments and suggestions from users, in order to answer their questions encountered in their access to and use of data. The main feedback channels include:

1. Online feedback. The Website provides online interactive Q&A that helps staff record, track and promptly online respond to user’s comments and suggestions;

2. Smart voice hotline (010-68407499). It provides users with self-help and manual voice technical support;

3. Official Wechat and Weibo. Users can download the official Wechat and Weibo of the Website for interaction and communication with the user service and reception office;

4. Specialized manual help-desk. We have an ad hoc user support and service office with a professional technical support team for face-to-face exchanges with users to answer their questions and collect their comments and suggestions.

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