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About Us

The Climatic Data Center develops and manages this website.

The Climatic Data Center, part of the National Meteorological Information Center(CMA Meteorological Data Center)of China Meteorological Administration is China's oldest collector and manager of meteorological information and archives. Its predecessor was the Joint Data Office under the Military Meteorological Bureau and Institute of Geophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which was approved by the Central Military Commission General Office in April 1950 and was formally inaugurated on May 15, 1952. The Climatic Data Center, National Meteorological Information Center (CMA Meteorological Data Center) of China Meteorological Administration (hereinafter referred to as CDC), which is also known as CMA Meteorological Archives Library and the World Data Center Meteorological Center-Beijing (WDC (M) for Beijing), is a national meteorological data center and also one of the national specialized archives, which is affiliated to CMA National Meteorological Information Center (NMIC).

As a national data center of the meteorological discipline in China, CDC collects, processes, stores, retrieves and services meteorological data and their products at national and global levels; researches and applies the latest data processing technology. Being mandated as the national meteorological archives library, it also collects, archives, manages and services such files as national meteorological records and work-logs. In addition, it provides technical guidance to the operators of data and archives at provincial level. According to the "Management Measures on Meteorological Data Sharing" and "Management Measures on Meteorological Information Service" developed by the China Meteorological Administration, it provides sharing services for various meteorological data and their products to domestic and overseas users in response to their requirements.

The robust operational real-time data receiving process allows for CDC to collect various real-time and non-real-time meteorological observations through the domestic satellite telecommunication system and the global telecommunication system on a daily basis. The existing data types include global upper-air sounding, ground observation, ocean observation, numerical analysis and prediction products, China's agricultural meteorology, ground intensive observation, weather radar detection, aircraft detection, FY-satellite detection, NWP analysis field, GPS-Met, GOES-9 satellite cloud image, soil moisture, aircraft message, dust storm monitoring, TOVS, ATOVS, wind profiling, etc. The Center checks the quality of various data collected, processes them, and stores them in a comprehensive meteorological database. All this is done in a timely fashion to generate various data products that are easy to apply. It provides the classification and sharing services for all kinds of users either on-line or off-line.

In bearing in mind the concept of "customer demand first" and the objective of "improving the meteorological data sharing services and providing users with first-class services”, we the CDC staff are intended to provide users with fast, authoritative and efficient meteorological data services through our unremitting efforts incentivized by the growing user demand.

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