Platform Overview
Platform Overview

● Introduction to China Meteorological Data Service Center

1.Target setting

China Meteorological Data Service Center, an upgraded system of the meteorological data sharing network, is an important component of the underlying national science and technology platform and a main portal application system of meteorological cloud. It is an authoritative and unified shared service platform for China Meteorological Administration to open its meteorological data resources to domestic and global users, and a data supporting platform for China to open its meteorological service market and promote the sharing and efficient application of meteorological information resources as a new meteorological service system.

2.Service principle

China Meteorological Data Service Center is intended to meet the meteorological data sharing needs by the national and social development, with a focus on the establishment of a standard system, integration of data resources, construction of a sharing platform and delivery of data sharing services.

The data services are enjoyed by social groups and public users including governmental, public welfare, and commercial.

3.Service modality

The service modalities of China Meteorological Data Service Center include online data services and offline data services. The former provides online data downloads and services through China Meteorological Data Service Center, while the latter telephone counseling, information consulting, and thematic data products generated according to user needs.

4.China Meteorological Data Service Center portal website

China Meteorological Data Service Center(

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